What’s Your Hair Doin’?

Howdy! Today’s What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday is an old Jumbo Twist-n-Curl on “flatironed” hair… if you saw my “blowout” post here: { http://miisskeciia.com/2010/11/10/what-your-hair-doin-wednesday/ }  you know what i’m talking about… lol … so on the same hair i put between 5 … Continue reading

What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday ..

So every Wednesday is going to be “What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday” and I’ll showcase my and/or other naturals’ hair… so for our first WYHDW its my Twist Out from large twists… Twist Outs are my favorite hair style hands down!! I usually love fluffy and not so defined hair so I don’t mind the frizz…  Hope you enjoy… Be Blessed and Stay Natural (=