I’m NOT dead


I’ve honestly started to write this post over a dozen times over the past several months… I don’t even know where to begin with the updates for you guys. First, I know you’re wondering where is miisskeciia.com? Sadly, miisskeciia.com is no more (someone bought my domain name). I was really upset that I had to let my domain (and all the work I put in) go. The gist of it is domains cost and yours truly is… umm.. “between blessings”. I was really discouraged for a while, and though I’d just quit, but I realized I REALLY love blogging. I cant shake it! I’d read something, hear something, or have a thought and get angry because I wished I could post it and see what you guys thought. If you follow me on Twitter you know exactly whats been going on with me and some of my plans for the future (I’m tellin’ you folks if you haven’t got Twitter you need to get on it… its a good train).

Anywho, I am rededicating myself to blogging. But there will be a few changes to @MiiSSkECiia the blog. I plan to expand it to everything I find interesting. Like Natural Hair (of course), Makeup and skincare, Maybe some fashion, we’ll see, I’m probably getting ahead of myself lol… Thank you all for sticking it out with me & for your patience while I’ve been semi-MIA. Talk to you soon!



Be Blessed ❤


Where Are You MiiSSkECiia ??

Howdy Guys!

Sorry i’ve been MIA i actually broke my internet card so i haven’t been able to post )= if you follow me on twitter [@MiiSSkECiia] or have Like’d me via Facebook you already know… i opted for overnight shipping so i should receive my new card Tuesday that means WYHDW this coming week… stay tuned i have some excellent posts for you guys… thanks for your patience && Be Blessed (=

Lazy Bones…

Howdy guys! There were some things I wanted to show you but my camera got left in my purse 35 miles away at The Man’s house so I couldn’t upload anything or take any pictures…smooth right? And I had the most defined twist out I’ve ever had… more on that later… I promise I’ll do better because I need to be consistent… that’s what this blog was created for! But I’ve been soo lazy I think its our rainy days we’ve been having out here… Anywho… Be Blessed and Stay Natural