Where Are You MiiSSkECiia ??

Howdy Guys!

Sorry i’ve been MIA i actually broke my internet card so i haven’t been able to post )= if you follow me on twitter [@MiiSSkECiia] or have Like’d me via Facebook you already know… i opted for overnight shipping so i should receive my new card Tuesday that means WYHDW this coming week… stay tuned i have some excellent posts for you guys… thanks for your patience && Be Blessed (=

Half Wiggin’

       Howdy readers! I’m back to show you the protective style I’ve chosen. It’s a half wig! Duh right? lol … anywho it’s The Isis Collection TP-01 and I named her Foxy.. because I feel so 1970’s groovy when I have her on… (hence the crazy shades lol) …She’s synthetic which I thought would be best for my first half wig because I wasn’t sure if I would like the whole wig idea and didn’t want to make a major investment in something I wasn’t really sure about… Okay so my thoughts… I love her! She started off as the picture you see but as you mess with her she gets bigger and bigger and I love me some BIG ‘OLE HAIR… pretty soon it will look like a BAA!! Kinks and all NO LIE! I only left about an inch out in the very front and used WHITE perm rods (cold wave rods) for blending… the only thing I’m disappointed about it the lifespan of a half wig… they have to be replaced every 3-4 weeks depending on how you treat them.. but I love her so much I’ll keep on purchasing! what half wigs/protective styles do you guys wear? I’m itching to know… Be Blessed & Stay Natural (: