MiiSS kECiia Asks…

Howdy Guys!

Today I’d like to ask a question about products… I love products! I can’t lie… many of us in the Natural Hair Community (NHC) are self proclaimed product junkies (pj’s) I’m sure I would be worse if I had money to blow… but I am on a budget so my product purchasing is kept to a minimum )= what I want to know is do you use product lines or brands specifically for natural, curly, black, or mixed race hair or do you use whatever works? When I first learned conditioner was my best friend I got “Why are you using THAT conditioner? Its not for OUR hair.”

Here are my thoughts:

a product does not have to specify that it is for natural or curly hair for me to purchase it… however I am finding myself leaning more toward these products as of late… Why you ask? Because, in my opinion, if a company takes the time to cater to my needs I am going to more interested in their products… because that says to me they’ve researched ingredients to see what will best benefit my hair… now I don’t know how true that is… it could all be the same stuff with a different label slapped on the front and for this reason I try not to limit myself.. anywho let me know what you think! Be Blessed and Stay Natural (=