MiiSS kECiia on Meraki’s Curly Soul…

Howdy Guys!

Meraki’s Curly Soul posted a feature of me! You can see it by clicking here: >> MiiSS kECiia.. be sure to subsrcibe she’s always got some interesting posts…

Be Blessed (=

What’s Your Hair Doin’?

Howdy! Today’s What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday is an old Jumbo Twist-n-Curl on “flatironed” hair… if you saw my “blowout” post here: { http://miisskeciia.com/2010/11/10/what-your-hair-doin-wednesday/ }  you know what i’m talking about… lol … so on the same hair i put between 5 … Continue reading

Lazy Bones…

Howdy guys! There were some things I wanted to show you but my camera got left in my purse 35 miles away at The Man’s house so I couldn’t upload anything or take any pictures…smooth right? And I had the most defined twist out I’ve ever had… more on that later… I promise I’ll do better because I need to be consistent… that’s what this blog was created for! But I’ve been soo lazy I think its our rainy days we’ve been having out here… Anywho… Be Blessed and Stay Natural

What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday ..

So every Wednesday is going to be “What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday” and I’ll showcase my and/or other naturals’ hair… so for our first WYHDW its my Twist Out from large twists… Twist Outs are my favorite hair style hands down!! I usually love fluffy and not so defined hair so I don’t mind the frizz…  Hope you enjoy… Be Blessed and Stay Natural (=