First let me thank you for taking time to visit my blog! It means so much to me that you cared or were interested enough to visit… Well my story is not as dramatic as some LOL one day I was having an issue with my hair [I think] and my aunt said “Don’t perm it anymore” and I said “okay”… that was when I stopped relaxing my hair… Unlike most girls I never combed my own hair and when I did I had a side part with a side ponytail and that was the extent of my skill… My mom or older sister combed my hair for me, it was braided or i had a wrap [relaxed and flatironed] which was easy… so I never really got attached to my hair… it had been relaxed for as long as I could remember, maybe age 4, and I just didn’t care about it… it was JUST hair to me [I know crazy right] I never would have thought I’d be a cosmetology student and Natural Hair enthusiast! Unfortunately I don’t remember my transition [my hair was probably braided] but after I went natural I still wasn’t “A Natural” to me because i knew nothing about being natural or natural hair… i just didn’t relax it.. I got my hair pressed every two weeks by the same aunt and I wore it that way up until July 2009… The decision to let my natural-ness out was one I went back and forth with… a friend always told me my hair was so pretty wet [Love you Mel] and I would look at her crazy and say what do I look like walkin’ around with all this unruly hair sittin’ on top of my head all dry lookin’ all kinds of strange? NO! Then I was introduced to a forum through one of her friends who wears weaves… this particular forum also had a natural hair section with a thread titled “Post Your Fro” it was there I saw the beauty of natural hair and began to research it like crazy and it opened up a whole new world for me… and I thank God I had the support of SOME family and friends and my current boyfriend who was a friend then [hay babe]… without their encouragement I doubt I would have found something that I am truly excited about and in love with… The @MiiSSkECiia Blog [named after my twitter account] was initially started to act as a journal for what i am doing to my hair what works and what doesn’t… i know you guys have had awesome hair days and then can’t remember what you did… i do this ALL THE TIME! so i wanted to share what i do with my hair with you all and show you other things i like as well like Make Up and Nail Polish.. I hope to offer encouragement to new naturals and people who have been natural bec you can never have too many people tell you how beautiful you are… feel free to contact me via comments, email, Twitter, and Facebook [info under “Contact” link]… I promise I am one of the most reachable people on Earth… I look forward to sharing my journey with you all…

Be Blessed  (=