Adventures in Thrift #1

Hay guys!

I went to the thrift store and the swap meet this past weekend with Melanie Lynn of KissMyFash, and OMGina I had the best time. One, because I had amazing company, and two I saw so much good stuff! Of course I had to exercise restraint because I’m on a budget but there were some pieces I just couldn’t leave without. I’ve been thrifting for a few months now and I have to say I have fallen completely in love. It’s like treasure hunting! I can’t describe it acurately, but every time I buy an amazing piece at the thrift store I feel like I’ve won, and that comes from someone who doesn’t  didn’t like to shop. I’ve even set up a group for lovers of thrift in my area here. Unfortunately, you have to be in the city of San Diego or surrounding cities and suburbs, but I’m contemplating making another group open to everyone [Let me know below what you think].

Anywho let’s get on with the show!

Here are some photos from the thrift store I snapped.. I have more from the Swap Meet that I’ll add later. I also included what I bought for that day. I like to do a Deal of the Day & a Find of the Day for my hauls. The deal of the day is obviously the best deal I got on any item(s). The find of the day doesn’t always have to be cheap, but it’s the piece I’m most excited about having! Sometimes the two overlap and the Deal of the Day can also be the Find of the Day. What do you think each is? I’ll give you a hint… they’re not the same (=

Deal of the Day: The Black Blazer for $1.65! I have NEVER bought a blazer for so cheap and a black one at that. I see this piece in my closet for seasons to come because black is definitely something I wear a lot of.

Find of the Day: Has to be the Vintage Mini Dooney. I shed real tears when I saw this bag! My great grandmother had the exact same one when I was a little girl. To have the mini version is a feeling I can’t put into words. The fact that it was even there is amazing because who wouldn’t love a genuine leather bag in pristine condition?? I feel like she wanted me to have this. I was also able to get it for $18 instead of $25 so it made me even happier! This BY FAR is my favorite thrifted item yet. What’s your favorite item you’ve thrifted? Let me know below or post a picture of my Facebook Wall I’d love to see it!

See you soon!

MiiSS kECiia ❤


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