Twitter Protective Style Challenge


If you follow me on twitter you probably saw the planning of this challenge… Its going to be 4 weeks long starting Monday December 27, 2010 and ending Monday January 24,2010… You get 2 free days of un-protected hair [for all of you concerned about New Year’s] so don’t worry… you must twitpic your hair or post the link via twitter once a week so we can all see what your hair is doing! Be sure to use the hashtag #NaturalHairChallenge when posting pictures or questions you have about the challenge so we can access each other easily…  This is just what i needed… i’ve been saying i want to protective style for months and i never do… If you’re interested joining in leave a comment with your twitter name so we know to look for you… i’ll be posting my styles here and on twitter so be on the look out…. These are the guidelines I am going to follow… a protective style with ALL ENDS HIDDEN… for example a wig [half or whole], weave, a bun or twists in an updo… as long as my ends are hidden my hair is in compliance with this protective style challenge… also i will be moisturizing with water [rinsing my hair] halfway through the week and restyling… I will still wash and detangle once a week… alright hope to see you guys protective styling!

Bohyme Brazilian Wave Install

Be Blessed (=


11 thoughts on “Twitter Protective Style Challenge

  1. I’m in! I’m gonna cowash/deep condition my because I’ve already done my monthly shampoo. Blow dry my hair with Grapeseed Oil and get to mini twisting! 🙂 That’s the only protective style I’ve been able to successfully keep without getting bored with it! Good luck with yours!

    • i dont think i can have mini twists done by tomorrow… the ended up Micro last time lol i’m going to do something with flat twists i think… i’m so excited! Good luck with yours also… don’t forget to twitpic once a week!!

  2. Awh man! Wearing a sew in til the 17th! 😦 lol but I am all natural underneath so I’m partially in on this! 🙂 I won’t be posting pics and stuff though until I take my sew in out even though it won’t be too many days left 😦 . I’ll def be in on this completely though for the next one! Such a great idea.

    • you’re ahead of the curve! and if you don’t mind i’d love to see pictures of your install… i cant do sew-ins we don’t get along but i’d love for others to see them as a protective style and not a means to hide who you are… so many ppl are anti- but i love the idea of them they keep your hair completely hidden… and i’ll be looking for you for the next one! (=

  3. I’m in! I’ll mainly be doing two strand twists and flat twists covered up by my scarves or beanie. I’m really excited because I was in kinky twists for 2.5mths (took them out on 12/17) and saw significant growth and retention and I want to continue it on with this challenge. My twitter name is beautiifuldream

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