Happy Holidays + Link Love


The Holidays are here and man did they sneak up on me! [and by sneak up i mean i waited ’til the last minute but that’s neither here nor there lol] i haven’t gotten anyone anything yet except my mom i don’t even have her gift with me! Come 2011 i will stop procrastinating… i’ll try anyways anywho enough rambling here are links i am in love with… you will be too i’m sure!


Miss April over at Glitter Gloss Garbage tells us about the new OPI Texas Collection… I don’t have an opinion on these yet but i’d love to know yours! They come out pretty soon so once i see them in person i’ll let you guys know



My cyber big sister [in my head] Krissy at Addicted to all Things Pretty shares her thoughts on Karen’s Body Beautiful for natural hair… I have yet to try these products but i think i wanna see what they’re about… Read her review here:



Jamila of College Curlies [super cute blog.. one of my favs] shows us some holiday hair styles for natural hair WITH tutorials for some of the looks so you can recreate them too! I LOVE numbers 1,4, and 5 let me know which ones you liked the most!



I DIED when i saw Brittany of Clumps of Mascara’s post on PURPLE LIPSTICK! Only because when i bought 1 people looked at me like i was crazy… but when i wore it everyone loved it… except 1 boy i went to school with but who asked him anyhow? lol See if you can figure out which 1 i bought without reading the comments



That’s all for today luvs! Be Blessed (=


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