Happy Thanksgiving + Link Love


I know you guys  are probably cooking or watching football but check out these links before you stuff your face with stuffing and sweet potato pie… lol

If you’re like me your mouth has been salivating since November 1st thinking about today’s good eats… Ms. Danielle over at The Style and Beauty Doctor gives us tips on how to NOT gain 30 pounds in a day:



Jenelly Bean over at Kinky Curly Coily Me [say that 5 times fast] shows off this cute style… for Turkey Day perhaps?



OooOO Shinnnyy! Krissy of Addicted to All Things Pretty gives readers the inside scoop on the new Nicōle by OPI collection… I’m for sure getting all of these!



If you hadn’t heard already the annual Buy One Get One Free event for Miss Jessie’s products will be underway tomorrow! Carm B. has the details on her blog Lipstick.Fashion. Mascara [I just LOVE that name]


Hope you love these links! I check these blogs daily and you should too… Be Blessed && Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving (=


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