Nail Polish… My Other Obsession


So if you don’t know me personally you probably don’t know about my ever expanding infatuation with nail polish! It has actually taken me by surprise because when I was a little girl I would paint my nails then a day later i’d feel like my fingers were being weighed down so i would peel it off [you know you used to put white glue on your hand let it dry and pull it off? lol nail polish was like that for me] it wasn’t until I started cosmetology school that I realized how much I love having my nails well manicured and perfectly painted… What do nails have to do with natural hair you ask? If you finger comb [detangle your hair using your hands] you know cracked nails can easily rip out hair… trust me i’ve done it! Other than that nothing at all! I just feel dainty with my nails painted and wanted to share and possibly get you addicted as well… so here are pictures of my stash.. which is a baby compared to some i’ve seen… i grouped them into “like” colors because we all know there are a million different shades of each color… i just wanted it to be as basic as possible [for now (;] look forward to upcoming nail posts in the future because i’m going to swatch each of these and i’m not done buying!  if you have any questions you know you can always post them as well as comments or suggestions below… now without further adieu……… THE STASH!!

My Storage Case


Top Coats






Base Coats







Randoms... i only have 1 of each of these

Thanks for visiting! Be Blessed (=


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