MiiSS kECiia Asks….


So last year I was upset because i didn’t have money to go Black Friday shopping… BUT this year i saved just so i can!! i need clothes and i need to get some Christmas presents knocked out…my current list consists of Nordies, Macy’s, Banana Republic, H&M and the store i would live my life in, Forever21… and the list is still growing because i plan to shop until i drop! i will also be out of town so hopefully i come back with goodies no one has seen yet… i’ve even heard some stores are planning to be open Thanksgiving Day! They aren’t playing this year lol… are you going Black Friday shopping? if so what’s on your list… i wanna know! Be Blessed & Stay Natural (=


One thought on “MiiSS kECiia Asks….

  1. oh! and i forgot about HAIR PRODUCTS!! how can you ever forget those and make up… i just need a new wardrobe sooooo bad its not even funny… i’ll be online looking for deals Black Friday && Cyber Monday… ihope to get some Curlz products and all kinds of make up oh! AND nail polish… lol i told you the list keeps growing =)

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