Gold N’ Hot Heating Cap Review

Howdy Guys!

As some of you may know I LOVE to deep condition my hair… its a very important part of my regimen… i have a hooded dryer i borrowed from a friend however  we all know they aren’t very portable… so i  mozied  on over to Sally’s to purchase a heating cap so i could take it with me where ever i spend the weekend.. it was about $30… more than i wanted to pay but you pay for what you want right? Let me show you guys how i use it:

1. I started with this old dry twist out… it was looking crazy because i slept with my hair loose and on a cotton pillowcase so i guess i asked for it =/

2. I divide my hair into 4 sections so its easier to control

3. I apply my Enjoy Hair Mask  on dry hair from root to tip in a downward smoothing motion.. then add a plastic processing cap

4. Position the heating cap on my head comfortably

5. & last but not least… Wait. I try to keep my DC time to under 90 minutes bec my hair hates DC’ing for hours wet or dry.. it’ll have this gross coated feeling that even shampoo can’t get rid of !


So my thoughts:

I like it a lot… mostly because its easy to use and its just heat without the noise so you can still watch TV or blog! The only drawback is its pretty big and i have a big head so sometimes i feel like the heat isn’t evenly distributed but its nothing adjustments can’t correct. What do you use to DC? Feel free to let me know in the comments Be Blessed & Stay Natural (=


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