What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday…

Howdy! Ya’ll know what today is!?  Its WYHDW and of course until I get submissions it’ll be me lol =) okay so a little back story… i flat ironed my hair and trimmed it because my ends were ATROCIOUS! It lasted all of 15 hours before it turned into what you are going to see… to me it looks like a blow out with incredibly straight roots… I’m used to the opposite with my roots being puffy but I’ve never experienced this before and I LOVE it! Its so bouncy and soft ( I credit the softness from the Its a 10 DC.. review coming soon)… So I’m going to wear this Wednesday and wing-it from there… who knows… maybe a bantu-knot out??



What do you think… feel free to comment! Be Blessed and Stay Natural (=


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Hair Doin’ Wednesday…

  1. are u wearing it natural like cut the perm out and grew it out that way or u’ve never had a perm and thats jus your natural hair

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